General conditions


1.- The LESSEE accepts and receives the vehicle described on the back of this contract, in good working order

and perfect mechanical condition and duly provided with its tools, spare wheel, and agrees to return it in equal


2.- By signing this contract, the LESSEE agrees to use the vehicle in accordance with the Maker’s specifications

as stated in the logbook (number of persons, weight permissible, etc.) and not for lucrative purposes nor for any

kind of competition or contest, and also with full respect of local traffic regulations.

3.- The LESSEE will be responsible to the Local Authorities for any breach of traffic laws and eventual fines.

4.- The only person authorized to drive the vehicle will be the LESSEE himself, unless adequate provision is

made on the back of this contract in favour of a different person.

5.- The rental charges include oil expenses, car wash service, greasing and any check ups required during the

validity of this contract. The cost of fuel is paid by the LESSEE.

6.- The rental charges are to be paid in advance on delivery of the vehicle.

7.- One day’s hire in understood to be 24 hours (twenty-four hours) starting from the time of delivery, should the

LESSEE retain the vehicle for more than one hour after the agreed time of return; there will be an extra charge of

18,00  per hour or fraction of an hour.

8.- ACCIDENTS AND BREAKDOWNS. In case of a mechanical failure not attributable to the LESSEE the

owners agree to repair the vehicle with utmost speed or to replace it for another one whichever is more conve-
nient, but reserve the right to terminate the contract should the failure prove to originate from the LESSEE’S


9.- The vehicle is covered by a Third Party Compulsory Insurance Policy, this policy can be inspected by the

LESSEE on request By signing this contract, the LESSEE agrees to the terms of this policy. This policy does not

include the following risks.

a) Death or injuries sustained by the LESSEE or by any of other occupants at the time of the accident.

b) Damage sustained by the LESSEE’S vehicle in an accident not involving another vehicle.

Should the contract include CDW (Collision Damage Waver) and PAI (Personal Accident Insurance), the damage

mentioned above is covered within the limits stated in the respective policies.

10.- The LESSEE accepts full responsibility for any damage to the vehicle, whatever the origin, nature or extent

of the damage, to the amount stated in the General Tariff List exposed to the public in concept of franchise FW

(Franchise Waiver). The LESSEE will be liable for all the damage sustained if the vehicle was being used in vio-
lation of any of the clauses in the contract.

11.- By means of a daily charge payment, included in the General Tariff List, the owners relieve the LESSEE

from the liability mentioned in clause 10, unless, as previously stated, the vehicle was being used in violation of

any of the clauses in the contract at the time of the accident, or against the terms of the Insurance Policy, in which

case, the LESSEE will be liable for the total amount of damage caused.

12.- The owners reserve the right to terminate the present contract at any time and to demand from the LESSEE the

payment of the rental and other charges owed until the termination of the contract, in the following circumstances:

a) Violation of any of the terms of this contract.

b) Penalty or fine imposed on the LESSEE by the Local Authorities for improper use of the vehicle, speeding,

careless, or dangerous driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or any other serious offence.

c) In the case of on accident when its nature suggests incompetence or negligence of the LESSEE.

d) In the case of the vehicle showing signs of misuse or carelessness.

13.- The LESSEE must be at least 23 years old and must have a valid licence which is at least two year old if

this is not the case, for conditions ask.

14.- In the case of disagreement only the courts in Mahon will be autohorized to arbitrate the lawsuit.

15.- Additional insurance premium which covers damage to the wheels, rims and tyres, ask price

16.- Credit card payment will be increased by 2% of the total cost.

17.- Renter is liable for all parking and traffic violations.

18.- If you cancel your booking we regret that your deposit for the reservation of the car is non-refundable.

the right to be informed

The personal data that you have passed on to us will form part of the RENT A CAR S’ALGAR file, with the

purpose of maintaining and using your data as a client, promoting the activities and services offered by RENT A

CAR S’ALGAR, and to resolve any incidents or doubts that may arise from the services offered by any of our

representatives or directly from our offices.

RENT A CAR S’ALGAR guarantees to adopt the necessary measures for the treatment of personal data accor-
ding to the established Organic Law of Personal Data Protection, No.15/1.999. You can revoke your agreement

without any retrospective effects, and exercise, according to LOPD15/1.999, your rights of access, rectification,

opposition and cancellation of your data by writing to RENT A CAR S’ALGAR S.L., Passeig Maritim No.1,

S’Algar, Sant Lluís.


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